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Main » 2010 » March » 28 » Contact Mechanics and Friction
6:10 PM
Contact Mechanics and Friction

Springer (3-2010) | PDF | 362 pages | 3642108024 | 14.30Mb

Contact Mechanics and Friction: Physical Principles and Applications /by Valentin L. Popov (Author).This application-oriented book introduces the associations between contact mechanics and friction and with it offers a deeper understanding of tribology. It deals with the associated phenomena of contact, adhesion, capillary forces, friction, lubrication, and wear from one consistent viewpoint.
The author goes into
(1) methods of rough estimation of tribological quantities,
(2) methods for analytical calculations which attempt to minimize the necessary complexity,
(3) the crossover into numerical simulation methods.
With these methods the author conveys a consistent view of tribological processes in various scales of magnitude (from nanotribology to earthquake research). Also, system dynamic aspects of tribological systems, such as squeal and its suppression as well as other types of instabilities and spatial patterns are investigated. This book contains problems and worked solutions for individual chapters in which the reader can apply the theory to practical situations and deepen the understanding of the material.

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